9 FLORENCE. OTTAWA. 613 695 3168.


Antique was built on the backs of local talent and slavery.  We are a skateboard shop located at 9 Florence street in downtown Ottawa. A handful of the communities finest skateboarders volunteered their time and tears to design and build a brand that would use its capital and status to give as much as possible back to skateboardingwhile providing an unforgettable coffee lounging experience.

In our first active year we’ve managed to bring the community together through various projects to lobby the bureaucrats for skate parks, put skateboards in the hands of those who can’t afford it and have used events, parties and projects to promote the positive, fun and expressive side of skateboarding. Our showroom’s products include everything from mens clothing, the best sneakers and a wall full of skateboards we love. We are sure Ottawa’s future holds many fruitful years for skateboarding. Come get ripped on coffee and go skate!

Hot Trillness at the shop…

                                    Classic Vans slip-ons


 We like Vans because they seem to care a lot about skateboarding and their trillness readings are off the charts. Come grab you a fresh pair of classic slip-ons or any other hot new Vans gear we just got in. Support the supporters! 


                                 Thrasher trucker hats


We are well stocked in everybody's favourite docu-skate brand, THRASHER. Knew neck sweaters, shirts, and a ton of sick caps. Buy a couple of stanky items for your "King of the Road" viewing party! That'll impress everyone for sure, bahd. 

                                Weekend skateboards


We got Weekend boards coming out the ting-yang. Perfect for that "back to skating everyday" feel. Just grip em up and away you go! Away you friggin go.